Chairman's Message

Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh Rathore

Chairman of VISM Group of Studies

Health is the greatest wealth, beholding this motto let us make our beloved nation: healthy, happy and educated; as only successful and happy individuals build a flourishing nation. Accomplishments include good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and a peace of mind

With swift advancements in medical technology, shifting patterns of diseases, enhancement in life expectancy, the requirement for geriatric care, rise in public awareness, and escalating prospects, there is an unprecedented demand for competent and superbly trained nurses. In order to participate in the international market, to comprehend our vision of enabling international standard of patient care within the reach of every individual, and to touch a billion lives. Jai Institute of Nursing and Research (JINR) maintainit�s pre-eminence and continues to develop pioneering curriculum in education and patient care.

Our endeavor is to provide an educational curriculum through which the nursing students will be prepared to assume responsibilities in the primary, secondary and tertiary care of the people, as a professional nurse. The primary objectives of the institution are to promote health in rural and downtrodden sections of the society and to participate in the development process in rural and urban areas along with maintaining transparency and professionalism with an eye for a better performance and communal accountability.

The Jai Institute of Nursing and Research (JINR) already has an unparalleled reputation for excellence in Gwalior city, Madhya Pradesh, and also other states. We are dedicated to guaranteeing that the students get the best facilities and define an excellent career in the coming future, as we provide outstanding leadership and teaching faculty. I wish all the very best in your pursuit.

Chairperson's Message

Mrs. Saroj Rathore

Chairperson (GSKS)

The Jai Institute of Nursing and Research, Gwalior, was established in 2006 adding glory to our educational conglomerate, the VISM Group of Studies, Gwalior, with an apparent vision to design and deliver premier excellence in nursing education incessantly to the segment of students� community who are genuine contenders to take up nursing as a lifetime profession to accommodate the ever growing health care requirements. We are proud to record now that our voyage as we look to the past was path-breaking and challenging, with all odds faced triumphantly each time they had materialized.

True commitment to our vision gave direction and at present, our Institution is the one much sought after. Students from all over India seek admission and contentedly leave our campus after their education to take up job opportunities in India and overseas.

Accommodating a class infrastructure, enthusiastic team of qualified, trained and experienced teaching faculty, a sound administrative support and compassionate managerial system, care individually, create a pleasant learning environment, provide practical clinical training via premier and highly accredited hospitals within Gwalior city, full-fledged library services, well-maintained hostel amenities, hygienic and tasty dietary center, comfortable college transport facilities, a moderate fee structure, and many more facilities attract the enthusiastic student to make the Jai Institute of Nursing and Research, Gwalior, as their definitive destination in the pursuit of excellent nursing education for constructing a brilliant future.

We do sincerely hope that our endeavors would bring us to a glorious past, as we are no doubt optimistic to achieve a promising future with unflinching faith in our motto. Good Luck!!

Director Message

Dr. Pragya Singh

Director of JINR Group of Studies

At the Jai Institute of Nursing and Research, Gwalior, fundamental principles of excellence, innovation and veracity are the pillars of our work in the arena of research, education, and practice in nursing. Our teaching faculties invest their dedication and expertise within the Institution and beyond on local, regional and national levels to coerce advancements in nursing research, to usher the training and preparation of tomorrow's nurses and construct healthier communities through practice. Our management's investments and support have helped us poised to change the face of health care as never before.

Throughout our history, we have relied on the generosity of like-minded friends, experienced faculty, who have supported our central principles of brilliance, innovation, and integrity, and have embraced the perspective to make a difference in the lives of others. Now, as the nursing vocation is being called on to provide an even better and greater capacity, more than ever before, willing and dedicated students are essential to furthering our work.

We assume that each student is a gift, who is instrumental in achieving our goals and indispensable to the progression of our mission. With the support of our outstanding faculty, each student creates a distinction in the expansion of our avant-garde research, will serve as tomorrow�s nurses and nurse leaders

Our contribution to the Jai Institute of Nursing and Research (JINR) Gwalior, is an expression of gratitude for care received from a compassionate nursing professional and also a desire to establish a legacy for future generations to benefit from our facilities and faculty. We welcome all devoted students and like to provide an opportunity to learn and make a career in nursing.Welcome to all dear students.

Principal Message

Prof. Raksha kulshrestha

Principal (JINR)

We welcome you to the Jai Institute of Nursing and Research(JINR). Our aim is to provide an education that encourages students to develop all their individual talent, to learn and to treat each other with dignity, to enlighten and to provide culturally competent care, to extend hospitality, and to teach all aspects of the curriculum in the light of God's world. We believe in excellence and discipline, and we also encourage the involvement of the parents to achieve excellence and all-round development of an individual student. Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future, student-centered said by Hippocrates. The paradigm of nursing has shifted from tradition and experience to professional knowledge and competence. Therefore, we encourage the students to constastudent-centered, self-directed, evidenced-based knowledge and practice. We also encourage them to pursue research, present conference and seminars at UG as well as PG levels. We strongly believe that nursing students are responsible and accountable for quality nursing practice, thus they need to be appropriately trained, oriented and directly supervised by qualified and experienced faculty. Our students and faculty work collaboratively in setting and achieving their goals, making learning an academically demanding yet encouraging crime. We are passionate about inspiring and motivating students to the best of our abilities. We believe that education alone cannot make wise, thus, you need to make the right choices too. Hence, it gives me great pride to say that JINR under VISM group of studies is one of the best institutions of Madhya Pradesh, which through its constant effort develops basic skills of teaching, management, and research among our nursing students.