Community Areas

It has adopted 2 villages Turari & Antheri, where the students take care of the community people and refer them to the hospital as and when necessary. Apart from the adopted villages, the students are taken to the ‘Rural Health Centre’ located at-Turari and the urban health center at Gwalior. Both are managed by Jai Institute of Nursing and Research (JINR). Services provided in the community areas are as follows:
  • Survey
  • Out-patient Services
  • Laboratory services & pharmacy
  • Immunization
  • School Health Camps
  • In-patient Services

Jai institute of nursing and research (JINR) 

students are also active in the community health center that offers aid to the community around the institution. Regular immunization drives maternity, child care as well as treatment of minor ailments and referral services are carried out. Other services carried out by the students are,
  • Treatment of patients with minor ailments and referral to J A Hospital, Gwalior as and when needed.
  • Imparting health education in the community as well as the clinical area.
  • Collaboration with PHCs.
  • Participation in Health Camps, Eye Camps, Blood donation campus, etc