Vism Hospital

VISM hospital is an important constituent of VISM group where we strive to maintain balance in the persuit of excellence in clinical care, quality improvement, education and research. The hospital was established in 2017 with 100 beds capacity with the aim to provide high-value patient centered care and to provide training for the future nursing officers.

The VISM Hospital currently has In-Patient specialties like General Medicine, General Surgery and Gynaecology.

Other services include

  • Consultant Out-Patient Clinics
  • Diagnostic Radiological and Laboratory services
  • Day Surgery
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists in the areas of Diabetes, Respiratory Care, Health Promotion, Infection Control and Palliative Care
  • A dietetic service providing nutritional assessment, dietary advice, education and evaluation
  • Physiotherapy and Pharmacy services


  • Ambulance facility
  • Private accommodation for visitors
  • Mess