"To do what nobody else will do, in a way nobody else can do is being a nurse."

Jai Institute of Nursing and Research (JINR) believe that the Science of Nursing is the reflection, investigation, and exploration of the person, environment, and health. The goal of nursing is to promote health throughout the life span, prevention of illness, restoration and maintenance of the dignity and essential life functions altered by illness. Education for proficient nursing practice includes sound theoretical knowledge based on experiential learning. Our faculty believes that educational process facilitates in abiding individual and professional growth in which the students and faculty mutually share the responsibilities of the conclusion.

JAI INSTITUTE OF NURSING AND RESEARCH is considered as the best Nursing College in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, and all over India. Its students have secured 100% results throughout the years, many laurels, and the state highest rank in the University. Our institution has a wide and varied specialty area, endowed with modern technological advancement, providing an opportunity for optimal development of clinical skills for the students.

We prepare all levels of professional nurses by rendering quality education and training, to be compassionate, professionally excellent, ethically sound individuals who will go out as health teams providing holistic health care to individual family and community.


Best nursing college in gwalior

Jai Institute of Nursing and Research is recognized by the government of India and affiliated to Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and included the ambit of Jiwaji University, Gwalior. The institution was established in the year 2006, with the view of imparting nursing education to a wide variety of rural and urban students

JAI INSTITUTE OF NURSING AND RESEARCH (JINR) embodies the moralistic principles of service to others; a commitment to social justice, and life-long learning. Our values embrace the international community, compassionate emphasis, guidance, scholarship, clinical proficiency, and collegiality to strengthen and transform the health of individuals and community worldwide. We believe that the fundamental course in nursing requires a good understanding of the scientific principles, as the nursing education has to be in synchronization with the environment that is in accordance with the accepted principles of the nursing profession and required knowledgeable skills and attitude which are based on the values to provide holistic health care.

Jai institute of nursing and research (JINR) has

  • A beautiful, green, calm and quiet campus away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Well organized lecture halls, with the use of modern teaching-learning techniques. Well equipped laboratories.
  • Well qualified, experienced and NRI faculties.
  • Ambulance and First aid facilities for sick and injured students.
  • Cafeteria facility which includes various tasty and hygienic foods prepared from organic vegetables grown within the campus, free pests and pesticides.
  • Yearly once the organization of national and international workshops and conference.
  • Organization of seminars by students every Saturday.
  • Rigorous English training with the organization of quiz and debate competitions.
  • Other extracurricular activities include sports activities, NSS and NCC.
  • The campus has a broad and spacious sports stadium and equipment.
  • NSS activities include the planting of trees and gardening weekly once and social work.
  • NCC for girls where the campus is organized and participation at various district and national levels.
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